CLEARENCE: Neptune Dry Ice Hecs Wetsuit

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Grab an absolute bargain with this liited edition HECS suit

  • 7mm Semi-Dry wetsuit with an intergrated hood
  • Horizontal shoulder zip for maximun warmth and comfort
  • Built in thigh pocket for easy accesory storage

Here’s how HECS works: 1: Many animals can sense your electrical energy.

2: HECS blocks your electrical energy. HECS allows divers to get closer to aquatic animals in their natural undisturbed state. HECS is conductive carbon fiber uniquely woven into a mesh to form a Faraday Cage that blocks your electrical energy field. A common example of a Faraday Cage that blocks energy waves can be seen in the door of your microwave oven. The small grid pattern in the door is sized to block microwave transmissions, just like the mesh in a HECS garment is designed to block human electrical energy waves. 

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