Aussie Hunter Top to Toe Package

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Aussie Hunter Top to Toe Package


  • Pelaj Speargun
  • SEAC Motus Fins
  • Neptune 1.5mm Neoprene Sock
  • Neptune M4 Mask
  • Neptune S3 Soft Snorkel
  • Knife Ocean Hunter Assassin
  • Pelaj Speedline 20m Camo Floatline and Stringer
  • Neptune Inflatable Float with Flag

Pelaj Speargun

With it's aerospace-grade (6082T6) aluminium barrel, the Pelaj speargun makes for a fast and quiet hunt every time, ideal for large species and open water hunting. This item is the go-to "point and shoot" speargun. With its phenomenal accuracy, you don't need to worry about compensating for high or low shots to see its flawless performance. 


  • Aerospace, anodised aluminium barrel with the latest SOT (Structurally Offset Technology)

  • Aluminium rail is built into the barrel. The rail includes SAT (Silent Aquaplaning Technology)

  • Built in line guide

  • 30% glass filled nylon cartridge casing with stainless steel components

  • Power bands have been turned to give maximum accuracy for this gun

  • Spring steel spear

  • Comes with reel mounting plate fitted as part of the handle

  • 7mm spring steel shaft

  • Gun length: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1100mm


SEAC Motus Fins

The SEAC Motus Fins have been designed for recreational diving and spearfishing. With an innovative design to allow you to exchange the fishing blade made of special polymer, wearing these fins will amplify your flexibility and performance ultimately enhancing your experience.


  • Resistant and high-density Thermoplastic rubber pocket with 22-degree angle between the blade and your foot to increase thrust optimization with less effort

  • An extremely comfortable fit for both men and women to practice underwater diving. Available in men’s US sizes ranging from size 4.5 to 14 

  • Foot pocket is comprised of hard thermoplastic rubber with dual material density-hard in the sole and ribbing soft for the foot that optimises comfort and performance

  • Innovative free diving fins available in solid black or camouflage options in green and blue

  • Interchangeable blade made from special techno polymer that maximises flexibility and reactivity

  • Hard thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with dual material density


Neptune 1.5mm Neoprene Sock

High Quality 1.5mm Neoprene sock for diving, spearfishing, and watersports.


Neptune M4 Mask 

The Neptune M4 Mask is made from very low volume silicone mask make it ideal for diving, freediving or snorkelling.


  • High grade silicone skirt - great fit, long lasting and UV resistant

  • Durable technopolymer frame

  • Low internal volume allowing for effortless clearing

  • Twin lense tempered glass lenses

  • High grade silicone strap

  • Quick adjustment mask strap buckles

  • Will fit most face shapes


Neptune S3 Soft Snorkel

The Neptune S3 is the perfect soft snorkel for snorkelling, diving, freediving or spearfishing.


  • High performance silicone material - long lasting and UV resistant

  • Contoured shape to ensure streamline positioning

  • Silicone Mouthpiece

  • Quick release mask retaining clip


Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife

Ocean Hunter's assassin knife is the ideal knife for spearos. When looking to dispatch your fish in an efficient manner, the assassin knife can be easily accessed due to the option of easily mounting this knife onto your arm, leg or belt for quick access and removal. 


  • Material: 420 Grade stainless steel 

  • Sheath: Safe twin release locking mechanism ensures no accidental loses 

  • Sheath has been designed for quick and easy extraction with only one hand 

  • Blade style: Dagger style for easy penetration through flesh and bone 

  • Blade length: 9cm

  • 35mm serrated section on back of blade is ideal for burley use

  • Includes: 2 x Rubber straps and sheath 

  • Comfortable, "positive" feel in the hand
  • Sharp cutting edge and serrated edge 

  • Can be mounted to the divers leg, arm, weight belt or BC 


Pelaj Speedline 20m Camo Floatline and Stringer

Designed to stretch and reduce the pressure off your rig, the Pelaj Speedline is ideal for spearos to hunt with the reassurance that their fish won't tear off. 


Neptune Inflatable Float with Flag 
The Neptune inflatable float is designed with superb buoyancy to ensure you are safe from boat traffic and are able to keep your spear afloat. The design also allows you to store your catch to keep it at a safe distance from your person. 


  • Oral inflator throw away valve which is secured on the top of the float under the central nylon section 

  • Heavy duty webbing handles on sides and rear for ease of use

  • 4 Nylon D-Rings; time to accessorise! 

  • Weight pouch to ensure buoy remains upright

  • Removable flag

  • Float line included


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