Scorpia Gun: Now with Fully integrated rail barrel, Rob Allen 'Scorpia' Speargun is a superb quality grassroots gun. Including the Rob Allen Vecta 2 handle - one of the strongest, smoothest firing handle on the market today. The gun also features a 6.6mm spring steel spear hardened to ~2000MPA and a 16mm single rubber with Antline Dyneema wishbone.

Vecta 2 handle - stronger and tougher: The Vecta handle is the result of three years of R & D by some of the world's best spearos and is more versatile and comfortable than ever before. The Vecta is easily the strongest, smoothest and most robust handle available, featuring: Virtually indestructible glass-filled nylon body; A solid laser cut 316 stainless spear for exceptional safety;Top-mounted safety - easily de-activated using one hand and ultra-comfy rubberized grip.

OCEAN HUNTER TORPEDO FOAM FLOAT :A Perfect rock hopping/shore diving companion. Comes with safety whistle and attraction mirror.Super buoyant and highly visible bright coloration with dive safety flag Includes integrated keel weight and a shark clip and snap clip, both with swivels.

The Ocean Hunter Float Line: is ideal for all types of underwater hunting and includes 4 inch marine grade stainless steel shark clips on either end, plus reinforced stitching at both ends for maximum security. The ultimate floatline for all types of underwater hunting in Australian waters. Foam core for optimum buoyancy. Comes with stainless steel Speed needle and Loop. 10m Blue Line