Try Scuba Diving Experience

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Try Scuba Diving

Interested in seeing what Scuba is all about?

Then Dive Newcastle’s Try Scuba experience is for you! Join one of our experienced instructors as you take the plunge into an exciting new world.

Try Scuba Diving Experience

Is conducted in the pool first and during this experience you will take your first exciting underwater breath while experiencing for yourself the feeling of weightlessness.

This is a must-do experience for anyone who has always wanted to try scuba diving but isn’t sure just yet about committing to the full certification course.

Able to swim or snorkel comfortably.

Minimum of 10 years old (adult consent needed if under the age of 18 years).

Academic presentation and quick quiz.

Confined water underwater skills on open circuit scuba.

All scuba equipment is included and the experience takes Two (2) hours to complete. During the pool you will learn all the equipment before entering the water. Once in the pool, your instructor will make sure you are comfortable before you take the first plunge below the surface.

A dive medical is NOT required prior to a Try Scuba experience, however a simple medical declaration needs to be completed.

This is NOT a certification program. However, you can follow on and start your Scuba Diver or Open Water 20 certification program.

Pool experience $70.00

Try Scuba Diving experience in the pool followed by 1 ocean dive for only $145!

RAID Scuba Diver can be completed within 2 days with more extensive online theory and skills training, along with 2 ocean dives.

RAID Open Water Diver 20 – further 4 days course that allows you to become a certified Open Water Diver to dive the world with just you and your dive buddy.