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Learn to Scuba Dive

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Learning To Scuba Dive is a life changing experience and allows you to see places that few people have had the opportunity to explore. Over seventy percent of the world is underwater and becoming a qualified diver is your license to jump in and enjoy!


  • Minimum age of 10

Course Includes

  • Online Academic Training
  • 4 open water dives
  • 6 pool/confined water sessions
  • Maximum depth is 18m / 60 feet (age 15+)
  • Completion over 3-4 days (weekend or midweek options available)
Learn To Scuba » Learn To Scuba
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Learn To Scuba Dive, Dive Newcastle

Our Quality Guarantee

Dive Newcastle guarantee to take our time and to teach you properly. You will not be rushed and we will ensure you feel safe and comfortable as a diver before you complete the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Current special price is just $395 (normally $445) for our three day course. We supply everything except mask snorkel and fins which you can purchase from the store at a student discount.

Our signature 4 day course includes a boat dive taking you to some of our best local spots. Plus you can soar like an eagle at our popular Swansea drift location. This course is usually $545 but is currently on special for $450 including all scuba grad use, boat dive and instruction.

The Open Water Diver Course generally takes a minimum of three (3) to four (4) days to complete, and consists of the online classroom work, pool sessions, and open water diving. Dive Newcastle offers a wide variety of schedules for water training sessions for your convenience.

After successful completion of Open Water Diver, you will become an internationally certified diver. You will be able to hire scuba equipment, obtain air fills, and participate in organised dives including boat dives, shore dives, local Dive Travel or International Dive Travel. This certification is recognised world wide.

We suggest you join our Dive Club where you will receive great benefits from Dive Newcastle at Swansea and be introduced to other divers and can participate in our regular club and dive activities.

Our Open Water Diver course will make you a good diver. Our continuing education programs will teach you to dive to deeper depths, at night, and to hone your buoyancy and navigation skills to a higher level.

The Open Water Course from Dive Newcastle provides you the fundamental training you need to properly scuba dive to a depth of 20m. By the end of the course you’ll know how to assemble and use your diving equipment, how to plan and execute a safe dive, and how to deal with common problems underwater.

The use of scuba equipment is included in the course (scuba cylinder, regulator, gauges and buoyancy control device). There are however many benefits to owning your own scuba equipment. Mask, snorkel and fins are personal items which you will need to purchase or rent. 

Typically you will need to invest around $300. Before purchasing any equipment, it is very important to speak to the team at Dive Newcastle. There are many important considerations to ensure you get the right equipment for your course and beyond.

You may complete the online course at your own pace. While you are completing the online course, your dive instructor will coordinate a time for you to complete the in-person dive component of this course. Both the online instruction and in-person dive requirements must be fulfilled to complete the course.

Statistically diving is very safe, however proper training is essential. Your Dive Newcastle instructor will ensure your comfort and safety are paramount.

You will be amazed at what lies beneath the surface of the water often very close to your own home. You can dive in lakes, quarries and of course the ocean. It is always important to ask your local dive store where the best dive sites are and get an orientation.