Learn To Scuba (Open Water 20)

Learn To Scuba Dive, Dive Newcastle

Learn To Scuba Dive

Learning to SCUBA Dive

Learn To Scuba Dive is a life changing experience and allows you to see places that few people have had the opportunity to explore. Over seventy percent of the world is underwater and becoming a qualified diver is your license to jump in and enjoy!

Your first step in becoming a certified diver is the RAID Open Water 20 course.

Learn To Scuba Dive, Dive Newcastle

Popular Scuba Course

This is our most popular course and the one Dive Newcastle recommend. This course gives us more time to ensure you learn at a more relaxed pace. It includes:

  • Internationally recognised certification.
  • EUF and ISO Compliant.
  • Academics online and Instructor review.
  • Full day in the pool.
  • 4 Open Water Dives.
  • All scuba equipment and exposure suit provided.
  • Online Logbook for life.
  • Online up-to-date manuals for life.

Requirements to Take this Course

  • Be 10 years or older to receive Junior Certification with parental/guardian consent. Full certification 16 Years.
  • Be able to swim 200 metres any style or snorkel 300m, no time limit.
  • Pass a medical test (note: you will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire).
  • You will be asked to complete a medical with a doctor if any concerns are raised on the questionnaire.
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Learn To Scuba Dive, Dive Newcastle

Our Quality Guarantee

Dive Newcastle guarantee to take our time and to teach you properly. You will not be rushed and we will ensure you feel safe and comfortable as a diver before you complete the course.

About RAID

There are many agencies around the world that provide internationally recognised training.

Our instructors are qualified with many agencies including PADI, SSI and RAID. RAID training is offered around the world and is one of the largest agencies in Australia.

The best agencies are members of RSTC and ISO compliant and that is one reason we choose RAID. RAID train to a higher standard than most of the popular agencies and this aligns with our philosophy of training better divers.

What Equipment Will You Need?

You will need use of your own mask, snorkel and fins. These are personal items and while you can hire them we recommend you purchase them after the equipment session in the shop. Please talk to our friendly team to ensure you get the right equipment.

Dive Newcastle at Swansea are authorised dealers for world leading brands such as Scuba Pro, SEAC,  Neptune, Oceanic and Sharkskin.

What Can I Do When I Become a Certified Diver?

After successful completion of your Open Water Diver 20, you will become an internationally certified diver. You will be able to hire scuba equipment, obtain air fills, and participate in organised dives including boat dives, shore dives, local Dive Travel or International Dive Travel. This certification is recognised world wide.

We suggest you join our Dive Club where you will receive great benefits from Dive Newcastle at Swansea and be introduced to other divers and can participate in our regular club and dive activities.

Our Open Water Diver 20 course will make you a good diver. Our continuing education programs will teach you to dive to deeper depths, at night, and to hone your buoyancy and navigation skills to a higher level.

Dive Newcastle has three (3) great options for you to choose from: