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Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs & Osprey Reef
The string of long narrow reefs numbered from 1 to 10, known as the Ribbon Reefs, lies about 96 kilometres north of Cairns. The Cod Hole is the most well-known dive site on the Ribbon Reefs and is home to a group of very friendly potato cod, reaching up to 100 kilograms. These giant fish approach divers quite closely and can be hand fed at the site. Coral pinnacles and drop offs attract large pelagic fish and a wide variety of marine life, including Maori wrasse, red bass, emperor, white tip reef sharks, anemones, giant clams, and feather stars. Other significant sites include Lighthouse Bommie, Pixie Pinnacle and Steve’s Bommie.

Osprey Reef is an old volcanic atoll lying 220 kilometres off the coast in the Coral Sea. ‘North Horn’ at the tip of Osprey is a world-famous shark feeding site where grey reef sharks, silvertips, and the occasional oceanic congregate. The area is renowned for spectacular 1,000 metre walls, massive soft corals, amazing shark action and exceptional visibility.

Snorkelling with Dwarf Minke Whales
A unique opportunity exists on the Great Barrier to experience the thrill of swimming with the smallest of the baleen whale species – the Dwarf Minke Whale. These incredibly inquisitive cetaceans are mostly encountered during June and July on the Ribbon Reefs. The moment when these big, beautiful creatures slowly approach and glide past eye to eye is truly an unforgettable experience. Dedicated Minke Whale Expeditions are run each year by licensed operators out of Cairns and Port Douglas providing maximum opportunity for snorkelling interactions with the minkes whilst ensuring the whales approach on their own terms. Overnight liveaboard expeditions combine these interactions with scuba diving on the Ribbon Reefs.

Lighthouse Bommie
This is one of the best places to see dwarf minke whales but it’s also an excellent dive site with one large pinnacle attracting tonnes of marine life including sharks, rays, turtles and reef fish, olive sea snakes, stonefish, and other critters.

Steve’s Bommie
Steve’s Bommie is a photographer dream with an incredible quantity of diverse marine life. Hunt out such creatures as stonefish, scorpionfish, octopus, clown anemone fish and turtles, not to mention the many schools of fish that call this place home.



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Success Rate: Every day has a high probability of minke whale encounters. If we are not able to locate whales at the dive sites, up to two hours at a time is spent searching for them. If none are sighted, we will adjust the dive schedule as necessary. Itineraries are subject to change; specific marine life cannot be guaranteed.