Dive Newcastle Dry Suit Try Dive at the pool

Do it Dry! Try a Drysuit in the pool.

During this pool session you will have the opportunity to test out the New Bare Aqua-Trek 1 Drysuit.

Drysuit diving opens up a world of opportunities, including diving remote Arctic destinations and exploring cold-water dive sites teeming with life. Dry suit diving also keeps you warm on multi-dive days when you do not want to spend your time getting in and out of a cold wetsuit. 

No Drysuit diving experience is necessary as this is a Free pool Drysuit Try Dive however you do need to be a Certified Diver.

Booking are essential:

2 session times are available for the Drysuit pool dives.

10:30am and the second at 11:45am.

Location: Toukley Pool Aquatic Centre Header St Toukley 2263

Final RSVP by 6th of May. Call shop or email: training@divenewcastle.com.au